Saturday, 10 February 2018

Cromwell: Suite of English Tunes

At last, some easy pieces. I have taken them from a transcription in my new favourite book: James Tyler's (2011) A guide to playing the Baroque guitar, pub. Indiana University Press, which I shall mine for further pieces to arrange and post here.

Lady Elizabeth Southwell, neé Cromwell. Portrait by Kneller.
From Wikipedia.

The original MS was, according to Tyler, compiled ca 1684 by The Rt Hon Lady Elizabeth Cromwell (1674 – 1709), so she must have been about 10 years old at the time. It is sad to note that she died of consumption aged only 34.

It's all harmless stuff, with some strumming and lots of single-string playing, made livelier by the appogiaturas (fingering the note above the main note and quickly pulling-off.) The sections in each tune are marked with double bars, and Tyler says that as they are dance tunes each section should be repeated: it's all up to you.

As usual with transcribing from pieces for the re-entrant guitar, I have indicated where the tabs for re-entrant and low-G uke diverge.

You can find the transcriptions here:

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