Monday, 12 February 2018

Carré: Sarabande

Frontespiece of Carré's book of guitar music.
Facsimile of the original available at the BNF here

This sarabande, published by Antoine Carré in 1671, is the source of the arrangement published by Gaspar Sanz in 1674 which I posted here recently. The versions are very similar, although the appearance of the originals quite different, as Carré's is in French tablature (see below), and Sanz' in Italian/Spanish format. You might want to perform them in chronological order.

Facsimile of the original, in French tablature.
The calligraphy is elegant, but the score is not easy to play from. Note lengths above the stave refer to the fingerings shown beneath, in the normal way. The strummed chords, however, are indicated by note length symbols within the stave (stem down = down-stroke and vice versa) immediately following the chord, but the only fingerings shown are for the notes stopped by the fingers, whilst un-fingered strings are not marked and implicitly assumed to be open when strummed. Quick to write but hard to play.
You can find the transcriptions here:

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