Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Traditional: Trenchmore

A bouncy little tune, from the later 16th Century. Trenchmore is described as "a kind of boisterous English country dance" in the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary. There is an extensive article on the possibly Irish origins of the name and dance here.

Adapted from The Lute Society's excellent but rather optimistically titled publication 58 Very Easy Pieces for the Lute, No 16.

The fingering is mostly simple, the timing not so straightforward – plenty of syncopation. I must admit to using the MIDI files to get it clear in my head.

The bass-line is mostly alternating tonic / dominant. Fortunately the 6th and 5th strings on the lute are tuned G & C, an octave lower than the 4th and 3rd strings of the ukulele.

There's a full printout below, and you can download the arrangement in pdf (preview), pdf auto download, png, TablEdit and MIDI formats.

Music tablature tabs Ukulele Low-G transcription Trenchmore

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