Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Dowland: Tarleton's Resurrection (in D and C) (P 59)

Richard Tarleton, or Tarlton, (d 1588) was what we would today call an all-round entertainer in the Elizabethan theatre – stand-up comic, impromptu rhymester, actor and dancer. This dance was arranged for lute by Dowland in his memory. Diana Poulton found similarities between this piece and A piece without title (P 78), which you can find here.

Portrait of Richard Tarleton
Richard Tarleton. [Wikipedia]

I've included arrangements for low-G ukulele in 2 keys: D major, which retains as far as possible the original lute fingerings, and C major, which I find falls more easily under the fingers. There is a quick peek at the tabs below, and here are links to full downloadable versions in png, pdf (preview), pdf auto downloadTablEdit and MIDI formats.

On one of his CDs, Nigel North plays this piece first at a slow funereal pace, and the repeat as a fast jig – reminiscent of Jelly-Roll Morton's Dead Man Blues, which represents a  New Orleans funeral.

Music tablature low-G ukulele Dowland's Tarleton's Resurrection

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