Monday, 9 January 2017

Polonais: Courante

 Jacques Polonois (Jakub Polak) was a Polish lutenist who moved to Paris in 1574. He lived 1545 – c 1605, so was John Dowland’s senior by about 18 years)
    This arrangement is from a transcription in the tutor by Diana Poulton. She points out the importance of keeping the voices alive in this polyphonic music, pointing out that “several books of instruction … say that no [left-hand] finger should be lifted … until it is needed for another note”.

  The original lute piece makes use of the diapaisons – the 7th and 8th courses on the lute, which neither the ukulele nor the guitar possess.

   In the 2 versions of the last 6 bars I have (a) moved the main voice up an octave to make room for a base line, or (b) maintained the main voice in position and raised the diapaisons several octaves to sit above the main voice. See what you think.

  There's a quick peek below, and you can download the arrangement here in pdf (preview), pdf auto downloadTablEdit and MIDI formats.

Music Tablature Jacques Polonois Courante

Music Tablature Jacques Polonois Courante

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