Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Le Roy: Fantasie

My previous posting of several short Le Roy pieces proved popular, so here is a longer piece (of 91 bars): Fantasie.

As it's so long, I'm just posting images of the 1st 40 bars in the original printed format (mid 16th century), and the interpretation I have made of it in modern tabs.

It's interesting to see how compact the original is, but how much easier it is to read the modern version (with, I hope, not too many errors). There are a few discords, but I have checked against the original  and they seem to be what Le Roy intended. Much of the piece consists of overlapping parts (a bit like polyphony, I suppose), and it sounds better on an instrument (fluffs excepted) than when played (very accurately) on MIDI. It's easier to understand what's going on in the musical notation.

I hope you enjoy playing this piece.

Direct links to: pdf version (preview), pdf auto download, and  Tabledit version

facsimile of renaissance guitar music 'Fantasie' by le Roy published 1551
Original of first page of Fantasie by Le Roy

image of tablature transcription for ukulele of renaissance guitar music 'Fantasie' by le Roy published 1551
Interpretation of Fantasie by Le Roy

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